Description of Transformation - NL_AMST2005 / UNCOR to EVRF2019mean
Operation identifierNL_AMST2005 / UNCOR to EVRF2019mean
Operation identifier alias
Country identifierNL
Operation valid area
the Netherlands
Operation scope
Source coordinate reference system identifierNL_AMST2005 / UNCOR
Target coordinate reference system identifierEVRF2019mean_AMST / NH
Operation version
September 2020
Operation method nameInterpolation of a raster surface from points using inverse distance weighted (IDW) technique
Operation method name aliasInverse distance weighted
Operation method formula
Operation method parameters number1
Operation method remarks
Ascii file can be imported in GIS tools like ArcGIS or QGIS,
prj file contains information about spatial reference
Operation parameter namegrid data
Operation parameter value idw_nl_2019_m.asc
Operation parameter remarksgraphic (NL_evrf2019m.png, 395 kByte)